In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4.
UNBELIEVERS COMMENTS, Atheist, and Religion.
UNBELIEVERS COMMENTS. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Matthew 24:14.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Matthew 24:14.

Dear friends I am not sure about you? but for me the battle to prove the truth of our almighty creator and saviour Jesus Christ is becoming a massive challenge. Simply because so many do not want to accept the truth.

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 
2 Corinthians 4:4.

How accurate the scriptures are.

It seems clear to me Satan is working very hard in these last days to deceive as many as he can, which is evidence he knows his time is very short.

I am receiving 100's of comments every week from angry atheists who judge, criticise, and condemn me for being a Christian. Who continually say and believe Jesus was never born, or some who say He never did any miracles, and was not raised from the dead.

I am not a person who can sit back and let the unlearned lead the blind down the wrong path that leads to HELL, ''without a fight''.

I believe as witnesses of Jesus we must always stand our ground and be willing to stand up and speak out and testify the truth that comes from and through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
In hope we can help even one lost soul see and come to Jesus and be saved.

In fact I am shouting from the roof tops with the overwhelming evidence of the Holy Bible that unbelievers seem to hate, see, read and believe. Whether
they like it or not. So when judgement day comes, they cannot turn around and say, why was we not warned or told.

Its their unbelief that continually proves the accuracy of the Bible. Time and time again. 
Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not. Jeremiah 5:21. King James Bible.

I am astounded with the comments I receive from atheists which I have added juts some of 100's below. 

+Simon Brown What maakes you think quoting a book I consider to be ancient fairy tales is an argument? I can provide quotes as well.
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.Peter Drucker.
See another nice quote about hearing and understanding. No need for the bible.
Do you know what fossils are?
Do you know the conditions needed for fossilization? If so you would know that your entire post is ridiculous. Unless you really expect every creature that ever walked this earth has..

You seem to think this Peter Schumacher is somebody important, but I never heard of him and neither has anyone else I have spoken with. The only reference I could find was a supposed job description that looks like it was written by you. I don't know whether this Peter Schumacher is real, but the shroud is a fraud and so are you. You are the world's greatest expert on stuff you make up. 

I hope you gave up on this guy (Simon Brown). He clearly knows all there is to know about everything, so don't waste your time. I just watched a video on The Inquisition. This guy talks like he just stepped out of the
Just like people of the time, there are certain mental concepts that allude him (Gullibility). His Mommy & Daddy really let him down...

+Simon Brown Opens your eyes mate, engage your brain. You want proof of evolution; look at viruses. They are EVOLVING all the time, becoming stronger than medicinal cures- fighting off antibiotics, killing people. Ebola broke out during the 60s and 70s. We got it under control immediately. But now a new strain of the virus is on the loose and theres nothing to fight it (well nothing definitive anyway). 
In a earlier comment to describes someone has having spiritual blindness because of a 'closed ...

A child also believes that Santa is real and that the tooth fairy comes at night. Children believe what they are told by their parents.
And the Torah and the holy Qur'an. Don't forget God's other published books. Also there is no clear ...

Why would I pray to a myth.

Simon, are you deficient? Did you bother reading the link I provided to you. I don't put myself above modern science. Which is why when I cite something I make sure it comes from a peer reviewed source and that it's a valid piece of documentation. You don't get it do you. 

Hello again, Simon. The link you provided is to a very, very fundie website, maybe because you are one yourself. What one reads there one MUST automatically discount as false. What I've found after a coupla decades debating fundies is that there is not s single honest Creat website. Sorry but I reckon that is the naked truth.
I will destroy all your colourful NASA studies and all that (information which until I verify at many other sites I will keep as untrue) with an extremely simple...

Simon Brown Hilarious tripe from a master tripe merchant. Let's just tear you a new arsehole and destroy your bullshit at the same time, shall we.Bible prophecies fulfilled of Jesus. By nice-new.
1. He would be born of a Virgin (Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:18).
Well, this one falls flat on two counts; (1) we have no proof he was ever born AT ALL and (2) the original texts said a 'young woman' which was mistranslated as 'virgin'

+Simon Brown Thank you so much for your insightful words! Really?! You're talking to me as if I have never read the bible? Here's a little about me: I did study to become a priest. The only reason I later decided against it was because when I reached the end of such a stupid book, I also realized that there was not a single inch of evidence towards this god. In fact, quite the opposite, just a bunch of fictional stories that only contradict one another in every sense. Yes, scriptures are the right...

+Simon Brown
Why are all the links you posted from unfounded, unserious new age websites? Do you really think this convinces anyone? There is not ONE serious, scientific source in your list. Seriously, and please, go to your local University and look through their publications, and maybe then you'll get a glimpse about what PROOF really means. And it doesn't mean "quoting from dubious sources from the Internet which I found on a saturday night while browsing for "Truth+Bible" on google"!

LOL, you've launched a Copy+Paste campaign based on your sheer ignorance under evolution-related videos?
See my reply on the other one correcting your misconceptions about Design, and how we actually recognize design,
About the prevalence of UNintelligent design in nature, which absolutely obliterates the idea of Intelligent Design,
And about the 1 billion Christians who accept evolution because they realized that they don't have to take Genesis literally.

Which God?
Jahwe is much younger than the ones that created the universe, if you want to believe that everything that makes yor life pleasant is a product of hell, then go to the middle east and live as a goatherd.
Science proves that the origin of the universe is a Big Bang, that life originated by the chemical process of abiogenesis, the species of diffent lifeforms evolved.
If you use science for your life but ignore everything you do not like you are a chadband and hypocrite as can be.
The bible is a lie. It was written and revised by Eusebius who publicly declared that he would lie to promote the Church. 
What can you believe if the people tell you that they lie and if they nowadays are convicted for lying? 

Simon Brown Great unbiased sources mate! 

All you know is the often revised version of guys who boast themselves of lying to propagate the religion and the church.
All we are talking about is facts.
If you deny that science delivers facts and makes predictions that are veified over and over again thus proving truth and reliability is bigottery.
If the bible is true then the earth is a disk in the center of the universe and the universe cnsists of 2 domes above it. The upper dome is pierced to let the light of heaven shine down. We think they are stars.
If you want to believe in the bible then you must thing that science is controlled by Satan.
Science begins with history which shows that there is no evidence for the existence of Jesus. The books of the Roman historians were wilfully distroyed and citations were falsified to construct a reference to this mythical SOG (Son Of God).
Text analysis can track down the authors of the old testament and the lies of other religions they copied.
Cosmology proves that the earth originated 13.7 billion years ago without any God, by Big Bang.
Abiogenesis explains the existence of the first life on earth by chemical processes.
Evolution explains the existence of all life forms we see today.
There is one more evolution you do not see: The evolution of God, how he wasmade up by men to serve the purpose of controlling people and nations. 
Science is a product of Hell since it disproves God.
Do not use any product like cars, electricity, electronics, medicine!
Go Amish! 

Simon Brown I sincerely do not care what an arts professor had to say about the existence of God. Besides NDE experiences have natural explanations.
Furthermore Flew became a deist, so he still didn't believe in the kind of god you praise.
Finally Flew was no authority on the DNA record or the probability of life seeing as he was a philosopher and not a biologist or a mathematician. 

Near death experiences are neither miracle nor anything else but a misinterpreted dream.
"Proof" only to the gullible. They happen to Christians like to any atheist. Nobody reported of coming back fromHell, but according to preachers there should a lot more of reports from there come in and they could convince many more to be faithful than dreams.
Philosophy discusses it's wishes but does not care about facts.
Even today more and more of them fight to make their world view fit reality. 

Simon Brown There is no danger from your myths, except if you pay heed to bronze age nonsense instead of modern science. 

Just talking about bronze age: one more lie in the bible:
Iron was not known in the days when the myth tells us mankind was created. Yet one of Adams sons was a blacksmith to forge iron.
So the Israelites were the true inventors of the iron culture but forgot? In the wars agains the philistians there was not one blacksmith, they had to steal and buy from the philistians. 

Simon Brown
Near Death is not Post Mortem.
Why are only pleasant things reported, nobody returned from Hell?
There should be many more than returning from there but there is not just one.
The explanation is simple: Their neural input has ceased. There is no input. To them it is absolute calm, pleasant and the persons are dwelling in the realms of their happy dreams and memories.
Let anybody report after he was really dead and resurrected.

Let them show scars.
Maybe they were on LSD? That is said to produce nightmares. Did they experience pain or do they "report" that others were tortured and they just watched?
Christians were in Hell and heathens in Heaven? 
Do you have any reliable statistics or is all jus personal experience like that of peope today who tell you Jesus is real and was real 2000 years ago?
2000 years ago nobody reported about a Jesus unless he wanted to promote the faith and boasted of lying for that purpose. 

Are they physical scars. I think what they are saying is more of a vision or a dream a warning .After looking at your past post on youtube I feel you just out to make fun of all christens not looking for a answer . So why would anybody else want to bother with you, but already decided made up your mind, even if somebody give you strong facts you are still going to disbelieve it. 

But then again, Mr. Coyne already made the best point about arguing with religious people: You won't listen anyway, no matter how many facts we give you, right? You'll just "forget" the facts and keep on quoting from your magic book filled with fantasy tales and unfounded myths. And in my opinion, you can believe whatever you want, but then please stay out of public, don't vote, never speak up when science and factual knowledge are concernced and first of all: keep your damn hands of the school's curriculum and let your children learn about the facts of life! 

I do make fun of lies, gullability and people who do not accept science when they want to believe and do use science to make fun of it. 
Creationists whose arguments claim to be scientific are debunked; yet they - and I claim they know better since nobody can be that stupid - continue to milk on the gullability of their audience. 
They all use science where they think it is their advantage. Twist radiometric methods, misstate scientific results and use science to ridicule it. 
Creationism is bigottery and the creationist cult leaders are pharisees. 
Internet, modern medicince, electronics agrochemicals, nuclear power, high tech warfare, ... the list is not ending. All is based on the same science that the creationists want to supress in school teaching since the kids might come out educated atheists.
It is the same science that together with historians debunks the bible as a book of make up fairytales.

Let me get this straight; They supposedly analyzed a PHOTOGRAPH downloaded from the internet in PIXELS and from that you conclude that it "is absolute proof that the Shroud could not be a forgery". GET REAL! 

Simon Brown Which proves someone went to long lengths to make an accurate forgery. and get rich on it. or it was actually the cover of some poor unfortunate. No one has any DNA or blood type from Jesus, and no one knows what he looked like. 30 years ago it was carbon dated to be about 600 years old.Another thing, the bible says he was wrapped in bands of cloth, not a full length shroud. An angel came in the night and took the body away, so he was not buried in any shroud. If you believe that, let me sell you the original Evinrude that came off Noahs ark. 
+Simon Brown
You are blind to reason and you have dug yourself such a large hole you can't possibly come back from it. Your head is full of nonsense and you are too arrogant to be corrected. I've given up on you, you have lost utterly in this debate. You fail to see it. However you have. I'm not the only one on this thread that has provided you with accurate resources. Once you figure out the difference between subjective and objective you may understand.
I not going to hold my breath on the hope that you'll come to that breakthrough. You seem like a lost cause. 

Simon Brown Simon, for one last time. Your real discoveries site is LYING. That is, they KNOW that what they claim is not true. Just for you to know. Heck, maybe you are not a crazy bananas fanatic and know what you claim is a lie. But IMO you are just a mental case. Sorry, man.

He's a true fundie in all sense of the word. I have given up. It's like talking to a brick. Except I would have to say a brick has more cognitive ability. 

Both of my sisters are married to religious fanatic men and trust me there is nothing you can say to these type of people to wake them up 

+Simon Brown
You or your god are not going to convert anyone here. Just give up

+Simon Brown I think you have you terminology very mixed up there.... However I think I know what you're talking about. However, it wouldn't matter in the least.
There are literally millions & millions of pieces of evidence that point to evolution, it's not just one, but from all branches of the science disciplines, There is evidence from thousands of different people in biology that point to things in geology that point to things in zoology that point back to geology that point back to evolution, and they all add up.
Even if all that was wrong it wouldn't matter because DNA alone proves it. Its way to much evidence to be something different then what it is. It also always, always, always passes all the predictions ever made based on the model.
Pharmaceutical companies spend billions $on research and development on vaccines, all based on viral changes do to evolution being what it is, both in us and in the viruses..

+Simon Brown
WOW you must be crazy for that stupid long comment full of things debunked decades ago , like supposed skeletons of Giants which curiously never make into any museum, only Photo shopped photos circulate on the internet about them, alleged Native American dinosaur depictions (the maker of the ICA stones confessed he made all those things), and the like.
BTW the Behemoth is the African Elephant. Its tail is not as thick as a cedar, it only sways like the branches of cedar. A common misconception among creationists.
You must indeed be one of those madmen who really believe in fire-breathing dragons and unicorns. Cool :D
Videos, videos, videos.. everyone can make videos nowadays, and they can be edited and faked as well.So cite a scientific study, or it never happened. ;)
A random stable does nothing to provide evidence that Exodus ever happened. Stables were fairly common back then.
Even the University of Tel-Aviv have concluded that the events described in Exodus never happened. "SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND SAID JESUS."
Again, 1 Billion Christians accept evolution because they view Genesis as a metaphor, and Romans 10:9 shows you why. You will get into heaven regardless if you deny science, or not, so it is simply better not to.
You have a delusion, and you take great efforts to protect your ego from admitting that, even if it means to deny reality.
But ofc I know crazy people cannot be reasoned with, because they just ignore and deny facts, so I just say goodbye.

The religious are the fascist, they are so f------ pathetic believing myths to be true

I admit some religious people are f----- up even insane but Atheist are even more religious about the nothing then the religious about their religion ! Doesn't change the fact that all of what we learn in schools is total bullshit made to enslave us in a totally corrupted system, now you can't say its not true ! Evolution is part of their plan to diminish our brains and still there is no proof of that theory being true ! Charles Darwin himself said that it cannot be proven !  Starting from that, it opens you the door for another theory that hasn't been found yet other than Creationism, if you don't like it  !  Just open your mind.

+Simon Brown I have a suggestion for you. This site you keep linking
is total crap. It only makes us laugh but doesn't provide evidence for your claim. Just some quotes from that site which they call facts (even though they are not)
We do find more evidence everywhere that dinosaurs are (NOT) 65 million years old, and lived only some 1000's of years ago probably just before the great biblical flood of Noah that destroyed dinosaurs."
The evidence of dinosaurs living at the same time as humans and occurring only 1000's of years ago is staggering."
The ICA Stones are evidence of a young earth and contradicts evolution which makes them very unpopular regardless to the truth."
three 'facts' which are all the complete opposite.
It amazes me that creationists use isolated events of misidentifications of fossils as proof that evolution is false even though the scientific community already dismissed it as wrong. But yet when they have a piece of evidence that has been proven false they just flat out deny the evidence. Double standards much?

Simon Brown If you really meant it when you said you didn't mean to upset me, the power lies in your hands do ensure you don't.  Just stop posting lies.   I don't care what you believe, but I do care what people like you selling various forms of afterlife insurance to gullible idiots state as fact, because there are uneducated morons out there you might actually believe your bullshit.  You know who they are, they're your target audience. So stop claiming lies and beliefs as facts because there will always be someone there to call you on your bullshit.  Today it's me; tomorrow it'll be someone else. You have nowhere to run. Your god is money, and you love it so much you'll say anything to get your hands on more of it. That's the only god you truly believe in. Every else you say is window dressing.

Simon Brown You state....Facts or evidence of the Bible will never convince or be enough for you, no matter how good or true it is Damn right they won't. Why on earth would I take the word of a silly book of fairytales with all the credibility of harry potter?
 Do you have a single scrap of credible evidence to support a single one of the supernatural claims of the bible?

+Simon Brown Well said, Not one word of God's word has been proven wrong by science or anyone else.The simple question "Does God exist?" brings the atheist to a crisis. If the atheist says "no", then you will ask "How did you prove that God does not exist, (since it is impossible to prove that God doesn't exist?)"
Since he believes what can not be proven, he accepts it by faith. He must either acknowledge that he accepts it by faith, or that it is possible for God to exist.
John 10:27 Glory to God...

I thought Simon Brown to be a bit of a troll cos everywhere I go ppl are angry with him. But actually he's got a LOT of good stuff to say. You atheists who aren't content to disbelieve but won't rest until everyone disbelieves are the worst kind of ppl. Claiming science as your god and forcing it upon everyone else. Hypocritical doesn't even begin to describe that hubris. Most atheists are asking nay demanding everyone believe something for which they have no evidence and have never seen or verified...

Amen as much as we wish for people to see the facts and open there eyes, they will not because. As you say they love sin above all .

Well dear friends, I am sure you already know how sad this world is.
Although I find the unbelievers comments like this every day sad to read, I find talking to the unbelievers continually strengthens my faith. As God said: He makes good out of all things.
They continually demonstrate the absolute reliability of the scriptures by their own confession, because Jesus said:  
And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. John 16:3.

On judgement day they will realise Christians were their best friends.

Lets us as believers thank God who has given us eyes to see and ears to hear. 
Let us believers continue the testify the true while we still have time.
Let us also pray for the lost.
Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Jude 1:21 - 23.

We have no evidence of Spider man comics. So we know it is not true.
But we have the ''STAGGERING EVIDENCE'' that proves the facts that prove the Holy Bible.

This ''STAGGERING EVIDENCE'' of The Holy Bible is supported by literally 100's of Scientist, archaeologist, Professors historians, Doctors, experts and researchers who have confirmed the 100's of Bible discoveries and the 1000's of  Bible prophecies fulfilled, proving the accuracy of the Bible which are historical facts.

Friends I found this great book below which I would like to leave you with.
It is always good to have our witnessing tools available. Amen.
The Bible Is Right!: About Dinosaurs and Evolution! James Edward Gilmer Ph D
The Bible Is Right!: About Dinosaurs and Evolution! James Edward Gilmer Ph D
The Bible Is Right about Dinosaurs and Evolution shows unequivocally that the Bible is correct in its teaching that we once coexisted with dinosaurs and that evolution-the theory that contradicts this Biblical teaching-is patently false. This book offers extraordinary evidence from a variety of sources, including science, that the Scriptures are accurate regarding our coexistence with dinosaurs. Proving coexistence automatically disproves evolutionary dating, but this book takes the extra step of disproving all of evolution! It does so by examining and destroying, with logic and science, every major assumption and claim made by evolutionists, including the absurd notion that dinosaurs became extinct before humans appeared on earth. The Bible Is Right about Dinosaurs and Evolution highlights evolution as a ruthless brainwashing machine that not only dupes us into denying that dinosaurs are in the Bible, but also fools us into falling for a host of other false ideas, including the theory that the universe and life itself began accidentally. As a matter of fact, this book will show that evolution is so wrong in so many ways, that it stands in constant conflict with both time-honored Biblical truths and proven scientific principles. Furthermore, demonstrating that the strongest pieces of evidence for evolution are actually hoaxes, this book will prove that evolution is not a real science at all! This book not only proves the reality of our past coexistence with dinosaurs and the fallacy of evolution, but also shows how the suppression of these facts has polluted our laboratories, classrooms, and media. Finally, this book highlights the scientific and educational implications of its conclusions and offers an intelligent alternative to evolution. order your copy here
God Promises if you put your trust in Him and believe in His son Jesus Christ, the time will come when He will wipe away every tear from your eyes. And there will be no more pain or suffering ever again. God will pour out His love for you, forever. Do you want to be a part of Gods family? Then surrender your heart to God. Say this prayer with me, and this prayer will change your life. This prayer will change your destination to come. And this prayer will be the most important event in your life. The most important words you have ever said
Is Evolution FACT? Mostly By Simon Brown.